TERF is actually an excellent slur [ modify ]

TERF is actually an excellent slur [ modify ]

TERF glossary may use some help. Please research the article’s assertions. Almost any are reputable is going to be sourced, and you can what exactly is perhaps not can be eliminated.

During the TERF sectors combinations like the keyword “super” including “awesome upright”, “very girl”, “awesome lesbian” and you will “awesome feminist”, towards stand alone word “super” since the shorthand, all of the consider the newest Extremely Upright meme that was popularised of the neo-Nazi agitators to your 4chan in order to void and mock trans mans gender identities and you may justify blatant transphobia. Within the white regarding one another their resource and employ one of transphobic anybody it is an extremely transphobic title.

TEHM [ change ]

Stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Homosexual Men”. Certain gay men TERFs make use of this identity for themselves and use it to help you justify leaving out trans males.

“TERF was a good slur” are a great spurious claim from TERFs and generally their important answer if they are slammed due to their suggest ideology. Some one stating “TERF are an excellent slur” is pretty yes a beneficial TERF.

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