He doesn’t want “men” to help you imagine getting a female into the a matchmaking software to help you be predatory

He doesn’t want “men” to help you imagine getting a female into the a matchmaking software to help you be predatory

They still astounds me just how anti-trans individuals constantly suppose brand new bad of transgender people as there is no proof on these pages you to definitely all trans people whose users the guy had written are “trans years” pedophiles, but that’s the purpose of intercourse crucial ideology. It is said they just wanted biological sex getting approved, but if you come across the steps, in fact it baselessly accuse trans people to be creeps and you may predators and suppose the absolute bad of those.

The brand new absurdity regarding Glinner knows zero bounds. They are today cosplaying while the an excellent trans individual. I remember some time straight back, Glinner changed his character image so you’re able to a comic strip form of themselves holding a good trans banner somehow, so him acting to come away given that trans to try to own the brand new trans area is nothing the new.

Following “These are perhaps not lesbians” post, the guy come making his personal membership to troll on her and you may made an article about this. He postings odd pictures regarding themselves having photoshopped fake cosmetics, colored tresses, and you can phony pins instance “We ? Lesbian Tongues.” The guy made a couple of reputation so you’re able to his The woman reputation and his awesome writings up until the providers turn off his account, to which he whined regarding getting invalidated. The lady accepted his real objectives: so you can depict trans anyone since weird, predatory, so when odd you could. Later on the guy concluded support towards the application and you may authored several much more blogs from the their the brand new accounts. Believe obtaining the returning to which. Have you got nothing far better carry out?

What exactly is odd about Glinner’s tips is the fact he has got be exactly who the guy claims to hate.

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