Any suggestions about keeping the 2 with her?

Any suggestions about keeping the 2 with her?

Snail/crab being compatible 9-19-06 Just what up WWM Staff?

Fish compatibility family Labridae Crew, From what I have researched, I have found nothing negative about the compatibility of a Sixline Wrasse and a Twospot Hogfish. However if the hogfish is part of the wrasse family, could there be an issue here if the two were in the same tank? I like both of the fish, but not sure if I can have them in the same tank. Thanks, Bryan

4-line and Clown Wrasse? Hi Crew, I currently have a 90g reef tank with a 4-line Wrasse, Coral Beauty, and One-spot Foxface. My LFS has a nice Clown Wrasse that I’d like to add (after QT, of course). What are the chances of the 4-line and Clown Wrasse peacefully co-existing? The 4-line is about 3″ and the Clown Wrasse is about 4″. The 4-line has been in the tank the longest but is currently at the bottom of the pecking order. Thank you, John H.

Nevertheless the Xmas/ornate wrasse Halichoeres ornatissimus We have together with heard titled a bluish line wrasse might be Okay combined with corals not is generally a threat so you can fanworms, small hermit crabs, snails, and you will decorative shrimps – thus i wouldn’t really include it with a complete reef container often

I was wondering if a blue line wrasse is a reef safe fish? 10/8/06 Thank You

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