nine responses so you can “ Therefore, what’s a great Kik? ”

nine responses so you can “ Therefore, what’s a great Kik? ”

(‘Really, it is starting to appear to be it wasn’t just an awful rumour at all – based on profile pop celebrity Lydia is really former best minister Thaksin’s ‘kik’ anyway”)

Geez almighty, because a non-native inside the Thailand, how many minutes perhaps you have heard the fresh locals these are their very-named ‘kiks’? Query several Thai pals concerning genuine concept of this the newest fashionable word and you’re more than likely to listen to one or two completely different significance. Well, that’s simply because there is no founded definition of the object.

For the majority of, ‘their’ concept of ‘kik’ (obvious ‘gik’) is basically an individual who is actually ‘more than good friend’, a guy you could wade by yourself getting a nice meal having, see a motion picture having or gossip whole-heartedly regarding your lover with. To possess Westerners this individual is absolutely nothing over a beneficial pal, a thing that tends to be socially approved. Culturally not, while the ‘friends’ of opposite gender do not perform might be found along with her within Thailand (about not alone) the newest urbanites provides developed, simply really recently, their particular phrase because of it. And i use the word urbanites, as visitors in the outlying villages, couldn’t get away with which have good ‘kik’, having as you will know what is the organization is as well as regarding the whole village’s. The truth is, however, typically, a present time ‘kik’, within this sense of the issue, may be the exact carbon copy of who you have been thinking about marrying – you could call it a fianc?e.

For other individuals whether or not, it is nothing of one’s form, an effective ‘kik’ try anybody you’re that have an informal fling which have – an effective immediately after a fortnight naughty circumstances from the specific flimsy small-go out motel.

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